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The Diocese of Dunkeld is a Registered Charity: Charity Reference SC001810

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Wednesday outings in the minibus will continue throughout October weather permitting.  Residents are encouraged to suggest venues.  Recent visits have been to Arbroath, Kirrie and the Law Hill.   We usually end up at an Ice Cream shop!






A regular varied programme of activities is organised by our Activities Co-ordinators, ranging from light exercise sessions to quizzes, crafts and reminiscing.   We like to play Bingo on a Friday afternoon.

As well as the incoming entertainment noted below, we celebrate residents birthdays and organise our own special events such as the Burns Supper and our Annual Fete.




2-3pm unless stated


3rd - Ronald Simone

9th - Pearl the Singer

19th - Bill O’Rourke

20th - Eden’s Garden - Pets visit

27th - Eddie Cairnie 6 - 7.30pm


3rd - Gary

10th - Stuart Whyte - 6.30pm

15th - John McLauchlin

26th - Musicman


2nd - Chic Henderson

7th - Pearl the Singer


17th John McLauchlin

23rd - Stuart Whyte


2nd - Bill O’Rourke

7th - Gary

13th - Chic Henderson


8th - Musicman

11th - John McLauchlin


3rd - Stuart Whyte 6.30pm

11th - Pearl the Singer

18th - Chic Henderson

27th - Musicman


8th - John McLauchlin

15th - Bill O’Rourke

20th - Gary

26th - Eukelele Band


3rd - Pearl the Singer

8th - Musicman

16th - John McLauchlin (Possible Christmas Party)



























Garden Project

Has now commenced!

Next Meeting - 24th April at 3pm

Your ideas required

Come along and join in at planning stage