St Mary’s Care Home


The Diocese of Dunkeld is a Registered Charity: Charity Reference SC001810

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The following letters have been received from residents families, past and present,   Those letters and many others can be viewed in the home.

To all Staff at St Mary’s

Thank you all for the new life you gave Mum when she came to St Mary’s.  It was wonderful to see her put on some weight and to hear her laugh and sing again.  I have always said that when I walked into St Mary’s I felt as though your arms were coming round me and giving me a great big cuddle – I’m sure Mum felt that too.

I have many happy memories of walking round the grounds with Mum, playing dominoes and cards (which sometimes became World War 3!), singing and dancing at the summer fete, taking part in the entertainment, sitting out in the garden at the back, chatting and singing (of course!) and dancing and singing on our way back from Mass on a Wednesday evening.

My greatest fear was that her condition would deteriorate and that she would have to leave St Mary’s.  When she broke her hip I thought that day had come, however she found that grit and determination, got up onto the zimmer and did the required lap of the ward so that she could get back to St Mary’s.  I am so glad that she was able to stay at St Mary’s where she was safe and happy.

Thank you for creating a home for Mum, not an institution.


October 2018

I have no concerns  over Mum’s care at St Mary’s.  Ok, sometimes things can to wrong but then nothing ever runs smoothly 100%.  Everyone comes across very pleasant doing their job every time I visit Mum and she has never mentioned any concerns to me regarding any of the staff.  She absolutely loves where she is and keeps telling me I couldn’t have found a better place for her.  All family and friends who visit Mum are very impressed with St Mary’s especially her niece and husband who visited when over from Canada who couldn’t believe how well and happy she looked.


September 2017


A huge THANK YOU to all of you for all you did for ….. You saved his life! 

Thank you too, for all your kindness and patience to me and with me!  Greatly appreciated.  Will keep you informed of his progress.


March 2018